GREG bed frame
GREG bed frame
GREG bed frame
GREG bed frame
GREG bed frame
GREG bed frame
GREG bed frame
GREG bed frame
GREG bed frame
GREG bed frame
GREG bed frame
GREG bed frame
GREG bed frame
GREG bed frame

GREG bed frame

  • 120 x 200
  • 120 x 220
  • 140 x 200
  • 140 x 220
  • 160 x 200
  • 160 x 220
  • 180 x 200
  • 180 x 220
  • 200 x 200
  • 200 x 220
  • beech pure/joint-oil natural
  • beech wild/full-oil natural
  • beech pure/joint-lacquer walnut
  • beech wild/full-lacquer walnut
  • oak pure/joint-oil natural
  • oak wild/full-oil natural
  • oak pure/joint-oil bleached
  • oak wild/full-oil bleached
  • oak pure/joint-lacquer colorless
  • oak wild/full-lacquer colorless


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High bed frame GREG is one of our most popular bed models - this bed frame can function both as a futon bed and a regular bed in solid wood which will be perfect for bedrooms in classic or traditional style.

If you are one of those who appreciate furniture with minimalist and simple shapes, you will definitely fall for GREG! A good night's sleep and comfort with a focus on minimalist shapes. Refrain from the unnecessary - choose natural materials and durable designs.

GREG is available in a variety of sizes and treatments.

Other objects in the pictures such as mattress, bedside table, bed linen and bed base are not included. See and select from the categories futon mattressesbed bases, commodespillows and duvets and bedding.

Material: 100% solid wood
Inside width: (for mattress - A cm):</strong> 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm, 200 cm
Inside length (B cm): 200 cm, 220 cm
If you cannot see the size you are interested in, email us to
Outside width (A cm + … cm): 5 cm
Outside length (B cm + ... cm): 5 cm
Height (from the floor): 35 cm
Space under bed frame: 17 cm
Depth for bed base and mattress: 15 cm
Legs thickness: 10 x 5 cm
Thickness of the bed frame: 2 cm
Possibility to use electrically adjustable bed base: yes
Possibility to use storage boxes: yes
Additional information: price includes only bed frame, slatted bed base and mattress should be purchased separately
Assembly time: 30 min
Reinforcement: middle support beam with 2 legs
Number of packages: 3
Weight: 30 kg
Warranty period: 10 years