CAMEL summer duvet
CAMEL summer duvet
CAMEL summer duvet
CAMEL summer duvet
CAMEL summer duvet
CAMEL summer duvet
CAMEL summer duvet
CAMEL summer duvet
CAMEL summer duvet
CAMEL summer duvet

CAMEL summer duvet

  • 135x100
  • 135x200
  • 155x200
  • 155x220
  • 200x200
  • 220x220
  • 220x240


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Warm summer evenings can make your night's sleep uncomfortable.

So, even with windows open on full, a heavy duvet seems like the last thing you want covering your clammy body. But the right summer duvet works to regulate your body temperature while sleeping, makes sure you're awake fresh and ready for action the next day.

Can you imagine a more perfectly suited filling for a summer duvet? Living in the extreme temperatures of the desert regions, camels have developed a wool coat with superior cooling properties.

Baby camel lanugo, in particular, is highly effective, as the youngest animals need to be better protected from the harsh climate. In addition, the animals are not sheared; the falling hairs are simply collected.

Camel wool-filled comforters help regulate body temperature and allow the skin to breathe. The duvet is recommended for those who experience night sweats or hot flashes.

Camel's hair regulates temperature under all thermal conditions. It makes a sleeper feel warmer in low temperatures and cooler in high temperatures.

This duvet has a thin filling, is lightweight, and is exceptionally soft and comfortable. It is recommended for people who like the beneficial properties of wool for sleeping, but they are looking for a more subtle and luxurious alternative to sheep's wool.

Moreover, camel wool comforters are slightly lighter than sheep wool comforters. Soft organic cotton covers have the feel of linen without weight. You can use the duvet on a hot evening, and your temperature won't fluctuate at all while we stayed under the covers all night. If you prefer to use a duvet during the summer months.

Camel duvet makes it possible for a duvet to keep you cool and cozy every summer night. However, when Camel Quilted duvet is combined with the Camel Warm Duvet, it makes it suitable for colder seasons.

The Camel duvet is made in Germany according to the highest quality standards and from natural raw materials.

You can completely change the look and atmosphere in your bedroom with beautiful and natural duvet cover, which is sold separately.

To create complete set, you can choose good quality natural pillows from the same manufacturer.

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Size: 135 x 100 cm / 135 x 200 cm / 155 x 200 cm / 155 x 220 cm / 200 x 200 cm / 220 x 220 cm / 220 x 240 cm
Height: 2 cm
Filling: 100% Baby Camel Lanugo GOTS-certified (Global Organic Latex Standard), vegan friendly
Cover: 100% organic cotton GOTS-certified (Global Organic Latex Standard), fine percale
Weight: ca. 1300 g at 135 x 200 cm

Machine washable: Yes. Machine-washable at 30° wool-program.