LANA SOFT futon mattress
LANA SOFT futon mattress
LANA SOFT futon mattress
LANA SOFT futon mattress
LANA SOFT futon mattress
LANA SOFT futon mattress
LANA SOFT futon mattress
LANA SOFT futon mattress
LANA SOFT futon mattress
LANA SOFT futon mattress
LANA SOFT futon mattress
LANA SOFT futon mattress
LANA SOFT futon mattress
LANA SOFT futon mattress

LANA SOFT futon mattress

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You may think futon mattresses are simply part of a trend, a romantic notion for the minimalists, or a decorative feature. So why sleep on a traditional Japanese floor mattress? What are their advantages over a regular type of mattress?

First of all, a traditional futon is healthy for your spine and joints. If you suffer from back pains, you will likely find that this Futon Lana Soft with wool and latex filling will help relieve the pain.

That's because the latex changes shape to the contours of your body and tends to provide even support to your shoulders, spine, lower back, and buttocks. It also helps maintain them in their natural position while you sleep.

Lana Soft futon has higher adaptability than all other futons. It is achieved via the inner natural latex foam core. Although the used sheep's wool gives a certain softness, the point-elastic core brings here the essential lying comfort. All materials are from certified organic production.

Futon Lana soft is filed inside, so it has no buttons or tassels on the surface. Lana soft is just the thing for people who feel that pure natural fiber futons are too tight and foam mattresses are too soft.

By selecting this perfect Lana Soft Futon Mattress, you can go a long way in improving your sleep and body condition, having sweet and cozy sleep all night long.

The filling of Futon Lana Soft is made from free-flowing natural latex foam. This is how the mattress can be individually molded and adapted to the spine area, suit to your sleep position without the filling shifting or clumping.

This futon offers suitable back and neck support while helping ease pain. It may also provide several other health benefits and advantages. Such as: easing harmful neck conditions, has fewer toxic substances, suiting people with allergies and pregnant.

The latex foam filling also makes the mattress more lightweight. Wool and organic cotton cover make it soft with a smooth-to-the-touch feeling. Even in cold winter, this mattress will provide sufficient warmth and coziness.

Using this futon with a soft cotton surface, you would have good support to your back that helps keep the spine aligned and reduces back pain. Moreover, you take the futon outside and beat it like a rug to knock the dust out.

Then you leave your futon in the sun to help sanitize it and kill dust mites living in them. This process does a more thorough job of cleaning your bed than trying to clean your typical mattress with a vacuum.

Futon Lana Soft is a highly breathable, adjusting, and spine supporting mattress. These adjustable mattresses can be folded up and stored easily, leaving space for other activities.

This futon is made in Germany according to the highest quality standards and from natural raw materials.

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Size: see drop-down list
Height: 12 cm
Filling: 13 Layers 100% Pure New Wool, GOTS-certified (Global Organic Latex Standard), vegan friendly
Cover: 100% organic cotton, Panama GOTS-certified (Global Organic Latex Standard)
Weight: ca. 15 kg at 100 x 200 cm

Turn often and roll-up

Suitable for back and prone, conditionally for lateral position

Body weight up to 95 kg