COTTON-QUILTED pillow cover
COTTON-QUILTED pillow cover
COTTON-QUILTED pillow cover
COTTON-QUILTED pillow cover
COTTON-QUILTED pillow cover
COTTON-QUILTED pillow cover

COTTON-QUILTED pillow cover

  • 40x40
  • 40x60
  • 40x80
  • 80x80


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If you’re looking for a comfortable pillow cover at a great quality then look no further. Protect your pillow from sweat, spills, and stains with this Cotton-Quilted Cover.

Cotton-Quilted Cover is a spare or exchange cover, if your original pillow cover needs to be washed, or if you currently have the basic cotton pillow and would like to try the quilted cover.

Another possibility may be that you would like to create your own pillow with a specific filling. Where a quilted cover would be useful? There are quite a few applications for the Cotton-Quilted Cover.

The pure-cotton casing on this pillow cover is perfect for those who love sleeping on breathable cotton. Smooth and soft organic cotton makes this range surprisingly luxurious. Your bedding stays hygienically clean while you indulge in an extra layer of soft and cooling comfort.

Thanks to its careful design and construction Cotton-Quilted Cover adds a generous touch of luxury to your bed with a plumply quilted finish. The zippered design encases your pillow completely, helping to extend the life of your investment.

Natural cotton fibers making them comfortable and easy to care for. Simply toss it in the wash and dry on a low setting!

Keep your pillow clean and fresh with this Quilted Pillow Protector!

The Cotton-Quilted Cover pillow is made in Germany according to the highest quality standards and from the certificated natural materials.

You can completely change the look and atmosphere in your bedroom with beautiful and natural pillowcases, which are sold separately.

To create complete set, you can choose good quality natural duvets from the same manufacturer.

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Size: 40 x 40 cm / 40 x 60 cm / 40 x 80 cm / 80 x 80 cm
Height: 2 cm
Material: 100% organic cotton GOTS-certified (Global Organic Latex Standard) with zip
Weight: ca. 300 g

Machine washable: Yes. Machine-washable at 60°, standard program