Shoji Lantern

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We are proud to present this original hand built Japanese-style lantern designed by Light Guild Studios.

This lamp features a solid hardwood frame made from recovered material. The sides are beautiful laser-printed color graphics on a durable, humidity resistant specialty paper, making a warm diffuse glow. Each side of lantern has different graphics. Turn the lantern around and enjoy different graphics every day.


Each wooden frame is extremely strong and durable. The top and bottom square frames feature rabbited lap-joints and the vertical posts are hand-lathed into dowels on each end, that are literally inserted through the end frames. 

The wood dimension is approximately 9,5 mm thick. Each one is hand-crafted.

Stunning graphics on a humidity resistant paper are laminated on both sides with a glossy 5 mil (0,13 mm) thick heat laminate making it 10 mil (0,26 mm) strong. This makes it more rigid, it stays nice and flat, it's shiny and very durable. 

The light source is a candelabra size socket which includes a very high quality L.E.D. bulb. The L.E.D only costs .06 cents to operate over three hours, which is kind of mind boggling. 

The light socket is welded to a pair of steel rods that are secured safely to the frame ensuring worry-free operation. Each cord is 1,8 m in length and has a solid UL certified roller switch about 0,43 m from the lamp, making on and off nice and easy. 

The plug is fitted with a 220 volt EU connection. 

Graphic dimensions are 19 cm tall by 12 cm wide.